Interview with Dr. Greta Castillo in her 12 years of Legalia

Interview with Dr. Greta Castillo in her 12 years of Legalia

Dr. Greta Castillo, what was the situation in the country when you decided to start LEGALIA?

We were going through a period of change, we had an electoral process that was beginning with many uncertainties, but there were also opportunities and in this context we said, why not look for a company that can provide services to foreign and Peruvian investors, who want to develop business in Perú. And that's how we created LEGALIA. LEGALIA.

What was the business model you wanted and why?

We wanted a company that could meet the needs of our clients and we saw that LEGALIA should not only provide legal services, but other types of services.

How did you plan to face the challenges and with whom? Already had a team in mind?

Yes, we had a team, it was still very small, LEGALIA has grown over time, recruited new people and also improved the quality of its team. However, we already had a team which has been solidifying and improving over time as well.

What kind of services would be your strengths? How would it be different from existing law firms or similar services?

LEGALIA started with a typical law firm. However, we also realized that some clients had other types of needs, such as accounting services, tax services. Some others required that we give them their administrative part, the part of managing their accounts, payments, and that is how each of the services that LEGALIA provides, which are Back Offices for companies, began to emerge. And that has given us excellent results.

What types of clients would benefit from working with you? Who would be your customers?

Our clients are mainly foreign companies. Why? Because we provide a Back Office service that gives them everything they need to carry out or start their business in Perú. This has served so that clients can develop from less to more and grow with us.

Tell us, how have clients benefited from LEGALIA?

During these 12 years, we have tried to provide a quality service. Over time we have been improving and currently we have two ISO certifications: 9001 for quality management system and 37,001 for anti-bribery management system. All this has allowed us to be at a level and provide services under international standards and feel satisfied that our clients trust us.

What do you consider to be the most difficult thing for your foreign clients when operating in Peru and how do you face this to support them?

Perhaps the most difficult thing for our foreign clients is the political situation in our country. We are not going through an easy situation. However, there are always opportunities. LEGALIA seeks those opportunities for clients and tries to find legal and optimal outcomes so that they can develop within Perú.

If your clients could answer in this interview, what do you think they would ask LEGALIA for its next 12 years of operations?

We are sure that our clients would ask us to maintain or improve our quality and that is what we are focused on. However, we are also focused on improving our services with the help of technological tools, since we believe that technology should be one of our pillars, since we are changing all the time. We also believe that the services we must provide must have an ESG - Environmental Social Governance – a philosophy that cares for the environment, is friendly to society and complies with governance rules. And that is what we are focused on at LEGALIA: support these types of projects that have the ESG seal.

Surely you have several future projects, but could you tell us, what will be the backbone of the company for the future?

Yes, we are currently developing the area of renewable energy. We believe that the future is there and Perú has a series of opportunities. Likewise, we are supporting a series of legislative initiatives in the mining sector, which we will be commenting on soon.

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2 de April de 2023


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