Legalia and an environmental approach: promoting sustainable energy for an eco-friendly future

Currently one of the most efficient ways to obtain energy and save costs in companies is through the implementation of new technologies that generate sustainable energy, added to the commitment of people to save electricity and take care of our resources.

In Peru there is no adequate legislation that facilitates the investment of projects based on Green Hydrogen, one of the green energies with the greatest development projections in Peru. In LEGALIA we are aware of this reality, therefore, we support different sustainable energy projects in order to open more doors for foreign investment, the main promoter of this type of initiative.

We know that this task will be achieved together, company and client. There are some legal initiatives related to Green Hydrogen, as well as the promotion of passenger transport through electric vehicles. However, this objective requires the incorporation of the Peruvian energy matrix and the opening to new forms of conscious clean energy so that a real change becomes a reality.

The use of renewable energies not only contributes to the care of the environment. It also reduces the energy gaps that have existed for years, bringing electricity to hard-to-reach rural areas. Thanks to the installation of solar panels, inhabitants of the mountains and the jungle can heat and illuminate their homes, in addition to boosting their businesses.

It is important to start opening our vision to promote and invite more companies to transform their most polluting processes for a better conversation about our natural resources, to avoid having an expiration date.

Peruvian society has begun to claim its rights and those of the planet, however, this fight is still in its early stages and it is urgent to take corrective actions so that the environmental impact is considerably reduced and we can maintain a balanced ecosystem.

It is important to improve the country in terms of sustainability, so the development of a new industry based on Green Hydrogen is positioned as a potential producer of ventures and new value chains that would open new poles of economic development. Together with our customers we are building our future and that of the next generations from now on. If you are interested in learning more about our projects, follow us and visit our website. We will inform you about the role that LEGALIA can play to help companies in their development and in promoting a stellar role in our society.

By: Editor
23 de November de 2021


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