Legalia and the new challenges in the NFTs market

Currently, Peru is the tenth country with the most NFT owners in the world and as the months go by it is a trend that will continue to increase, managing to surpass countries like the United States or Brazil. This leads us to wonder about the regularization of NFTs in Peru given that in the future the demand for crypto assets will increase significantly and requires strict control for uniform and compact growth.

What do we understand by NFT? They are the acronym for 'No Fungible Token' and are considered unique assets with a limited amount that are part of the new digital economy that drives the Blockchain. It must be taken into account that for many experts NFTs are considered investment channels using technology as one of the main inputs.

LEGALIA has experience in the development of new businesses and in attracting investment for them, which means creating the necessary conditions so that this type of new project can be completed and executed successfully.

It is important to mention that, in Peru, the regulations that regulate the crypto asset sector are scarce because they do not work with a central bank. However, in other countries such as the United States or Japan or the countries that make up the European Union, they are creating laws to have greater control of the supplier companies and the taxes that people who invest with cryptocurrencies or NFTs have to pay.

This means that it is a matter of time before Latin American countries begin to propose laws to regulate this market with an environmental approach. Let us bear in mind that, since the creation of crypto assets in 2008, it is known that the transactions carried out in the sector are polluting.

For this reason, at LEGALIA we are committed to reducing the environmental impact through regulatory legal actions, since we know that it means a great advance in caring for the planet and conserving our natural resources. Likewise, we have experience in blockchain technology, and we believe that the sum of both knowledge supports us so that investors can invest in this type of project.

We have extensive experience in forestry projects, and we have contributed to the preparation of the current Forestry Law, as well as we were participants in the first IFC certification in forestry concessions. Together with our customers, we are building our future and that of the next generations. From now on, we invite you to learn more about us and our projects with a social focus. If you are interested in continuing to learn about our projects, follow us on this website to find news on this topic and other related topics.

By: Editor
23 de November de 2021


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