Legalia and its committment for a more sustainable planet

It is a fact that climate change is affecting our society and our economy. It is one of the most important global risks we are facing, and it is critical for the regulators. Both public and private companies are concerned for the planet conservation.

In the immediate future, the concern regarding climate change will increase and big industries shall be deemed as liable. Thus, climate change will not only affect environmental and economic aspects, but it will also increase legal risks that companies will be forced to prevent through its regulation.

This is why LEGALIA,- we are committed that all our projects we manage and administrate use the concepts of environmental, social and governance (ESG). Such concepts refer to environmental, social and corporate factors which are taken into account when we develop a business or we invest into a company.

Our commitment it to help our clients in applying and diffusing our values of (ESG) in their projects, as we are their main promoters to foster environmental respect and protection within an optimum legal framework.

Furthermore, we support projects focused on the creation of private and public alliances which may help industries to implement in their corporate cultures several kinds of environmental and social responsibility programs. We are focused on the incorporation of a culture of sustainable businesses, the creation of long-term value and the management of interests to build a circular and efficient economy.

We are currently supporting several clients in developing clean energy production such as Green Hydrogen, which aims at being one of the most important sources of energy in the future, and will lead the energetic transition and decarbonization in the world.

Green Hydrogen is the renewable energy with the most rise. It is versatile and efficient. Moreover, it represents a great solution for big industries which require saving costs through environmentally friendly processes.

Peru has a high potential for Green Hydrogen production thanks to its capacity in generating renewable energy, which shall facilitate a market with better prices and a consumption with less environmental impact.

The Green Hydrogen shall facilitate a national economy based in sustainable energy, critical for the future of the environment. It has current limitations due to high costs, and for being a technology in way of development.

Together with our clients, we are building our future and the future of the next generations from now on. We invite you to know more about us and our projects with social approach. If you are interested in our projects, you may want to follow us to find out every month relevant information about this and other important topics.

By: Editor
23 de November de 2021


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