In compliance with the current legislation on the use of personal data, this policy informs visitors of the website ( about the Legalia S.A.‘s use and protection measures regarding the personal data obtained as a result of entering the aforementioned web page.

Legalia S.A. informs website visitors that by choosing the contact option, they will have to register personal data necessary for Legalia S.A. respond to any communication from visitors.

Legalia S.A. informs to website visitors that the personal data obtained will not be shared with third parties under any circumstances, except in the case of a court order or a legal requirement authorizing it.

Likewise, Legalia S.A. informs website visitors that they have the right to modify the Privacy Policy at any time and without the need to inform third parties. The new privacy policy will be valid from the time of publication on the website.

Finally, if website visitors, after reading the Privacy Policy and Use of Personal Data of Legalia S.A., enter the “contact us” section and register personal data, they are willingly knowingly accepting the scope and terms of the aforementioned policy.